iMagic Marina Reservation

Marina management software for Microsoft Windows.

- You care about your marina, let us help you manage it.
- Marina management software from $249.

  • Ideal for Marinas and Docks - specifically designed for the needs of marina owners and management.
  • Avoids Double Booking - know which slips are available ahead of time, giving at a glance availability and ensuring the highest availability.
  • Customer Tracking - automatically build a customer database from each booking. Great for staying in touch, marketing and recurring business.
  • Highly Configurable - set up how you did it in the way you need it.
  • Reporting Module - pre-defined reports give high level business overviews and detailed reports.
  • Affordable - no need to break the bank to get started. Get up and running today!

System Requirements

The following is the recommended minimum system:

* 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor.
* Microsoft Windows Windows 7 or above. Including Windows 10.
* 1 Gigabyte (GB) of RAM (2GB recommended for better performance).
* 24MB of available hard-disk space (10% free hard disk space is recommended for Windows).

If you're not sure about your PC, then you could either download the free trial to test or contact us and we'll help out.

iMagic Marina - Slip booking

Slip Management

Manage Slips with availability, sizing, power, rail, notes and more.

iMagic Marina - Advanced Calendar

Advanced Calendar

Quickly view available Slips and booking status.

iMagic Marina - Customer list

Customer Management

As customers are entered, a customer database is automatically created.

iMagic Marina - booking a customer

Easy 4 Step Bookings

You're guided through each booking through a sequence of steps. Easy for anyone and avoids any double bookings.


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iMagic Marina Software

About Us

Help as many people as we can by doing the things we love - making software - that's where we're at. We make software as simple to use as possible, but no simpler.

iMagic Marina Reservation is about you and your marina. We can't ever confess to being an expert at your marina, so we listen to hundres of business owners just like you. Then we sit down and do our bit, the techie part to find ways to make your job easier.

We're a feedback business, keeping up to date in technology and understanding what customers are telling us. We merge the information together into a giant technocal blob and work until we mould it into a practical system. It's a wonderful feeling to contribute to do our part in the world! 

"I am duly impressed with iMagic customer service, a great service!" - Tiffany M. Feroe - MA, United States