iMagic Marina Reservation - Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iMagic Marina Reservation?
iMagic Marina Reservation is a software package that helps you run your marina, managining reservations, customers, payments etc. It's a "desktop" application, so you'd download and install it on onto your Windows based PC.

What do I do if I have a question? 
Please visit our support page to contact us, we're open 9-5pm Mon-Fri.

What do I get when I purchase iMagic Marina Reservation?
After purchase you'll be emailed a "registration key" and a download link to the full version. You'd download, enter in the key and you're all set. If you've previously entered in information into the trial version that will be carried over.

You'll also be able to use our support pages for any technical help, request any new features you'd like to see added into the system and receive all updates for a year. After the year you can optionally renew and get another year of updates and support.

I'm using the trial edition of iMagic Marina Reservation, will I have to re-enter any information when I purchase? 
No your information is carried over into the full edtion.

Can I use iMagic Marina Reservation on more than 1 PC at once, sharing the same information? 
Yes iMagic Marina Reservation can be used by several PCs at once.

To setup multiple users you would install iMagic Marina onto each PC that needs it. Then choose one as the main/server PC (usually the fastest one), this then shares it's database with the other PCs on the network.

You can setup the network feature as follows:

1) Install iMagic Marina onto the "server" PC, this will then be the central database. Configure and setup the system and other details as required.

2) Still on the server, "share" the folder where the database is located. To find the folder select from the main menu Help/About and click "Database". Give everyone full read and write access.

3) Install iMagic Marina onto the other PCs (don't launch it just yet).

4) On each PC launch the "Network Administration utility" (found under the menu Start > iMagic Marina Reservation > Network Administration). Follow the wizard and set the database path to the share that was created on the server.

5) You can now launch iMagic Marina on each PC and it will share the information between them.

How can I change the currency setting? 
iMagic Marina Reservation uses the currency setting in Windows. To change this to a different currency:

1) Press Start/Settings/Control Panel.
2) Select Regional Options.
3) Select the Currency Tab.
4) Change the Currency Symbol to your currency and click OK.
iMagic Marina Reservation will then use the selected currency.

How much does iMagic Marina cost? 
Click on the Buy Now link on the menu for the latest pricing. Pricing is based on the number of PCs, so if you wanted to use it on, say, 2 PCs at once you'd want the 2 user license.

Can iMagic Marina Reservation take online bookings from my website? 
Yes. iMagic Marina Reservation helps you to take online bookings directly through your own website via

What is the limit of reservations/customers for iMagic Marina Reservation? 
There isn't any limit imposed by us. In practice the upper limit would depend on the speed of your PC, available RAM etc. A typical modern PC should be able to deal with tens of thousands of reservations without slowing down. A more powerful PC can handle many times that.

I'm using Excel or pencil and paper why should I use a iMagic Marina instead?
There are many advantages to using our software although the main one should always be that it makes your life easier. The software product is intended to save you time and effort, being specifically designed for marinas it can help a lot.

What support is offered? 
Support is available at our online forum and via email, see our support page for details and to contact us.

How can I backup iMagic Marina Reservation? 
You'd want to backup the central "database file", this includes all your reservation, customer, payment history, etc. You can find the location of the database file by selecting from the menu Help > About and clicking "Database".